Kaun Hai? | कौन है ? | Raisa Brings Back The Dead | मरे लोगों को राईसा ने किया ज़िंदा

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When Raghavendra advises Raisa to listen to the voice of her mind, she begins to chant mantras and turns the dead into vampires. Naresh, who learns that Raghavendra is a ghost, leaves the place for Delhi alone, but meets with an accident enroute. Will he survive the vampire attack?

Ever entered a haunted house? Know that eerie feeling you get when something or someone unhuman is too near for comfort? You may not see it, but you KNOW it's there! Kaun Hai is a horror show based on that real fear, experienced by real people in real haunted places. Ghosts, evil creatures, malevolent spirits, reincarnations, black magic - you name it, this show's got it! So what are you waiting for? Watch these spooky stories now and feel the chills and thrills.

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